Premier Constructions and Interiors Pty Ltd specializes in the construction of facilities including Medical Facilities.

Premier Constructions and Interiors Pty Ltd is committed to:

  • Compliance with all applicable quality assurance (QA) through Certification to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ASNZ4801:2001, in conjunction with application through management processes to environmental (ENV) and occupational health and safety (WHS) laws, statutory and regulatory requirements and standards.
  • The protection of our employees, visitors, contractors and the environment.
  • Continually deliver safe, effective, high quality management services to provide industry leadership.
  • Processes and controls that ensure all operations are performed properly the first time, so that our services meet client requirements and prevent pollution.
  • Continuously review and improve the effectiveness of our QA, Environmental and WHS management systems performance
  • Developing processes in a manner that minimizes risks of injury to staff and damage to the environment.
  • Conserving energy and raw materials and striving to reduce waste and emissions.

Premier Constructions and Interiors Pty Ltd will meet these requirements by:

  • Establishing QA, Environmental and WHS objectives and targets and periodically reviewing our performance against them to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination of work-related injury & illness and reduction of environmental impacts
  • Ensuring management and staff are aware of their responsibilities for QA, environmental and WHS compliance and performance
  • Providing all employees with the education and training they need to understand their QA, environmental and WHS responsibilities,
  • Communicating openly with our employees and interested parties regarding our QA, environmental & WHS systems
  • Taking prompt action to address quality, environmental and WHS issues
  • Reviewing annually for continuing suitability and relevance to our organisation.